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amy bower

content & copywriter

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Social Media

& Advertising


We grow your following with amazing content, we engage with your target market, then we turn your followers into paying customers. You know you HAVE to do your social media, but do you know what to do with it? Because we do!

Want to learn how to do it yourself?

Join one of our Workshops at the

She's Sassy Training School.

They're interactive, fun, and full of handy tips and tools to set up and grow your social media channels.




choose social media management packages from

£99 pcm 

we plan, design, schedule and community manage

Grow your following and increase incoming leads

see what sessions are on at She's Sassy Training School. Learn how to manage, grow and slay your social, online training school dates launching soon!


media planner & buyer

from digital to print to outdoor advertising, we work with media supplier across the UK offering a multifaceted media campaign

content design & video

logos, business cards, marketing materials

e-brochures & printable brochures

social media posts


profile & cover photo

newsletter desigm


business development

 strategy & Consulting

in the early stages of your business and feeling overwhelmed? Forgotten how to plan & set goals? Get in touch, we can help you gain focus & plan goals to develop your business

she's sassy training school

Advertising your business, where do you start?

You start with a good idea, then what do you do? You build a strategy! 


What are the questions you need answering when building a strategy?


Who is your target market?

Age, location, gender, interests, buying behaviour, are they cash rich or do you appeal to everyone?


What is your main objective?

Choose up to 3, don't overdo it. Too many messages weaken your advertising, diluting your message


Where should I advertise?

We can help you decide where it is best for you to advertise, whether its display adverts, radio, outdoor, print or ANY other media you can think of, we've got you. We have experience in all types of media, so you're in safe hands. 


When should I spend more on my advertising?

You know what time of year your business thrives and the times of the year, that aren't so fruitful. Planning your strategy at the right times of day, week, month or even year is essential to increasing your ROI.